The art of metalworking

The art of metalworking, with its mastery and precision, shapes our world: from the construction of imposing architectural structures to the elegance of precious jewels, from the reliability of industrial machinery to the creativity of works of art, embracing a infinity of areas with its inestimable importance.
The art of shaping metal transforming it into something unique and lasting is testimony to human mastery and its ability to shape the entire world.

From the collaboration with KE Design, led by the talented construction engineer-architect Chiara, the metal Design line was born. A line of metal products designed to amaze and characterized by creativity, innovation, determination and eco-sustainability.

Furthermore, MCC and KE Design have always been committed to protecting the environment and developing sustainable production processes. For this reason they have chosen to use processing techniques that reduce the environmental impact to a minimum and to use the art of metal processing also to give life back to waste objects, in order to avoid waste accumulation. A Green ideological choice aimed at recovery which translates into a series of advantages:

  • Reduction of environmental impact, as the production of new metals is avoided and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are reduced
  • Economic saving
  • Creativity, as unique and original objects can be created with recycled materials.

To create designer creations in metal, sometimes recycled metals are used for the production of new products, sometimes new life is given to old metal objects, repairing them or transforming them into something new.

A choice that allows MCC to reduce its environmental impact and contribute to protecting the planet.

The products of the MCC – KE Design line can be purchased directly from our shop but, based on the specific needs of our customers, we also create a wide range of metal products on request, custom-made furniture, exclusive furnishing accessories and art objects original and of great impact.

The processing of our metal design products includes 3 different phases:

Discover the catalog of the MCC – KE Design line on our online shop and, for your specific metal design needs, contact us! We will be happy to offer tailor-made solutions and create unique products that meet your expectations.
MCC Cerone Costruzioni Meccaniche and KE Design are ready to transform your vision into metallic masterpieces.