Safety, durability and uniqueness for highly valuable metal creations

MCC srl is a company from Celano (AQ) specialized in 360° metal constructions, with a solid background in metal carpentry for the construction and mechanical industry but also capable of creating a wide range of construction works design.
Our operational capacity allows us to manage the entire production process, from design to execution of the work, up to the finished product and its installation.

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In the construction sector we carry out a wide range of projects, including industrial warehouses, emergency stairs, residential buildings and structural reinforcements. Our strengths include the use of cutting-edge instrumentation, such as laser scanners to make rapid and precise measurements of complex objects and buildings. This allows us to offer a quick, safe and efficient survey service.

Our expertise extends to the design, construction and assembly of metal carpentry, facades and ventilated roofs and the production and installation of iron and steel frames, including armored and airtight ones.
Furthermore, we are able to create designer metal products and street furniture, helping to enrich spaces with unique and functional solutions.


In the industrial sector we offer mechanical construction services, machine assembly, special processing and maintenance at industrial plants and factories.
We also collaborate with other companies in third-party work, making our experience and professionalism available.

Attention to quality, speed of assembly and attention to detail are the pillars that guide our work because we love creating metal constructions that go beyond the ordinary!

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